Statement on Radio Birdman tour 2014

Written by Barman on . Posted in Blog

Yes it’s true.

Despite my declared readiness, willingness, and assurances to put the band's interests and reputation well ahead of any personal differences I am “not invited to participate” in the upcoming tour and promotion of the ultimate release of a band I have been associated with for 40 years.

A band whose legacy and reputation has been built solidly on a perceived “code” of unity, camaraderie, musical cohesiveness, and a blistering “twin guitar attack”.

There is absolutely no professional or musical impediment or rationale to preclude me from participating in this event.

Rather, this decision is a result of a last desperate and bullying demand from a singer who’s animosity towards me has spanned decades and whose antipathy towards the band is well documented.

I now marvel at the absence of the integrity, honesty, loyalty, courage, and ethics that characterise this band’s rhetoric and mythology.

Oh well…

I will continue to honour the spirit and reputation of that band and move forward beyond this cowardly and vindictive act.

And, I still proudly hold onto the memory of a time when we rallied round its flag and yelled “Yeh hup!”